ATOM RPG launched out of Early Access slightly over a week ago, but despite its intriguing description and unique setting, for the most part the game seems to be flying under most reviewers' radars. Still, if you'd like to know what this Fallout-inspired RPG is all about, you can check out this fairly positive review from the IndianNoob website. A few sample paragraphs:

Anyhow, in these locations you’ll run into people to meet, befriend or screw over (don’t feel bad you’ll get screwed over plenty). You have to give the team credit for their attention to detail. The thing that surprised me the most is that all the NPC models and portraits completely matches their description- to the colour of their clothes to the hair on their head. This was something that bugged me a lot in Wasteland 2. In it, the portraits and models of the NPCs hardly had anything to do with their descriptions. In ATOM, if you happen upon an NPC described as being ugly and disgusting, you darn bet he’ll be the ugliest son of a gun you’ll ever meet. I know this is a minor thing and not many people pay attention to it, but hey, credit where credit is due.

Side Quests in ATOM really takes the cake. Not only are there multiple ways to solve each quest, but some quests also may not be as straightforward as you think and can go in some bizarre directions. Some quests even have cleverly crafted puzzles and even require rational thinking. Quests can be solved diplomatically, by intimidation or by straight up brute force. A lot of quests also feature multiple diplomatic skill checks for your convenience. Above all, the side quests in ATOM doesn’t insult the intelligence of the player. There are no hand-holding in the form of quest markers or waypoints. There are also multiple factions to work for/against. However, don’t expect a New Vegas faction system.


Superficially, ATOM feels less like a spiritual successor and more like a quasi-sequel to Fallout with some strong STALKER vibes. Yet despite the strong similarities, ATOM manages to stand on its own feet thanks to the unique setting and the quirky Slavic charm. It’s a well-made game with tried and true RPG systems, but one that doesn’t necessarily fix the problems of its role model or revolutionize the systems. ATOM does what it promises to do extremely well. For $ 14.99 or ₹ 479, you just can’t go wrong with this one.