Pathfinder: Kingmaker Official Music Trailer

Together with their publishers at Deep Silver, Owlcat Games brings us a new trailer for their recently released cRPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker that offers a taste of the game's impressive soundtrack written and performed by a musician who goes by Dryante. Check it out:

Owlcat Games and Deep Silver offer you an aural delight from the original score of the critically acclaimed cRGP Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Written and performed by the multi-talented Dryante, who says:

“I play everything. The composition involves instruments drawn from the most diverse cultures - medieval France, Russia and even West Africa, but the backbone consists of two Irish instruments - bouzouki and tin whistle. "

Watch, listen and enjoy the video!

And while you're listening to the tunes, you can also peep the patch notes for the game's 1.0.7 hotfix:

Hello everyone!

Please, be aware that there are plot spoilers in the descriptions below (in the Quest, Areas and Kingdom sections)!

  • "The Seed of Sorrow" quest didn't progress after the evil dialogue choice in the Capital Asylum. Resolution: fixed.
  • Several encounters had the wrong enemies at Oleg's Trading Post become infused with First World energies (last chapter state). Resolution: fixed.
  • Incorrect copies of Mim and Dragn NPCs could be found in the capital. Resolution: fixed.
  • The encounter at Poacher’s Hideout could become unfinishable. Resolution: fixed.
  • One of the cutscenes got stuck if Tristian was wounded and had zero Hit Points at Vordakai Tomb. Resolution: fixed.
  • Trade with Dumra was not available during the "Deal with the Devil" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • Party couldn't move at Rill-and-Spill area. Resolution: fixed.
  • Solo completion for the "Other World" area was not supported. Resolution: fixed.
  • Some magical items could have issues with empty descriptions of their magical traits in the tooltips. Resolution: fixed.
User Interfaces
  • Days of the week could display incorrectly. Resolution: fixed.
  • There was no direct way to check the build version. Resolution: the build version has been added to the Main Menu.
  • The description for Enemy Difficulty settings didn't reveal all the mechanical elements altered by this option. Resolution: a more detailed description has been added for the Enemy Difficulty settings.
  • It was unclear and confusing that after defeating the main threat of the chapter, all of the kingdom events associated with that threat remained active. Resolution: after defeating the main threat of the chapter, all of the kingdom events associated with that threat are removed from the barony. In case there are too many of such events, the kingdom is considered damaged and its development is slowed down. This state can be removed with special new barony project.
  • It was not always clear that some events can destroy the kingdom if not addressed. Resolution: a more detailed description added for the events that damage the kingdom and projects that remove these events.
  • Valerie's quest ability "Valorous" provided Strength and Constitution bonuses instead of Strength and Charisma. Resolution: "Valorous" ability provides Strength and Charisma, as per description.
  • Metamagic rods didn't work for sorcerers. Resolution: fixed.
  • Enemy Difficulty settings affected saving throws twice - the first time by increasing the enemy ability scores and the second time with a specific bonus to saving throws. Such implementation forced players to avoid spells with saving throws on the higher difficulties. Resolution: Saving throws are now affected by the Enemy Difficulty settings only once by increasing of base ability scores.
  • New pack of localization fixes.
  • Some players have persistent issues loading game saves that we were unable to reproduce so far. After analyzing possible threats that may cause this issue we implemented improvements that hopefully would fix the problem.
  • Some players complained about being thrown out of the game and to the Main Menu while entering the Throne Room (including the exit while trying to rest at the capital). Resolution: fixed.