Unconfirmed (Again): Baldur's Gate III in Development

We've heard rumors about a third Baldur's Gate installment for nearly the entirety of our 18+ year existence here at GameBanshee, and have published unconfirmed reports of a third entry being in development before. Although nothing has ever come to fruition in the past, with the release of Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear and the success that Beamdog has enjoyed with the Infinity Engine Enhanced Editions in general, it seems like a distinct possibility that Wizards of the Coast would be willing to greenlight a third installment with them at the helm.

But that's assuming that the updated version of the rumor being reported by WCCF Tech (that even points to this thread on RPGCodex) is not accurate, as they've pegged Larian Studios as the possible developer rather than Beamdog (even though they've since issued a denial). I think either choice would be solid - and let's not forget about Obsidian Entertainment or even BioWare themselves as a potential option, as well. If Brian Fargo is to be believed, someone is definitely working on the game: Even though the Bhaalspawn storyline essentially came to an end, I think we might just be ready for a new Baldur's Gate title given the resurgence of classic RPG enthusiasm.

Should a Baldur's Gate III ever see the light of day? And if so, who would be the best developer to make it happen?