Unconfirmed: Baldur's Gate III in Development

CVG claims to have been tipped off that a third Baldur's Gate is in development by a studio that's "more than capable" of doing it right.
A third instalment in the Baldur's Gate series is tipped to be in development, without original creator BioWare.

Although it won't be ready for at least another year, we've heard the RPG sequel is coming along at an as-yet-unnamed developer and Neverwinter Nights 2 house Atari - which recently released a series compilation on PC-DVD - is said to be handling the publishing duties.


Obsidian is a possibility then but the developer behind the third Baldur's Gate is still a mystery to us, although we've heard it's a studio more than capable of making a fantastic looking production. Speculate away.

When contacted Atari said it had no comment to make except that Baldur's Gate is "one of the properties Atari has rights to".

Even if it isn't true, I'm betting that we'll see a Baldur's Gate III sooner or later.