Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive Edition Released

If you haven't yet played Larian Studios' Divinity: Original Sin II or if you prefer to play your games on a console, now's your chance to give the magical realm of Rivellon a visit and try your hand at becoming its next Divine, as the Definitive Edition of the game is now available. More content, revamped features, new encounters, and even a squirrel companion await you in this ultimate Original Sin II package. Here's the launch trailer:

If you're planning to play the Definitive Edition on PC, this Steam announcement shares some details, while this discussions topic offers some troubleshooting advice. And if you're looking to play it on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4, then you may be interested in a few console-centirc reviews:

Trusted Reviews 4/5:

It’s a game you have to put a bit of time into to truly learn. Unfortunately, it’s the console UI that often hampers this. In the PC version, descriptive text (of which you’re going to read a lot) appears on hover, the hot bar is a long stretch across your screen. In the console version, every description only appears at a button press and takes up a lot of the screen. You have to switch characters often, but during quests as well as for inventory management, and on consoles this requires going into at least two different menus, if not more.

The hotbar is split into three parts, which you have to navigate with your shoulder buttons. Add to that the old problem of playing a CRPG when you’re 30 feet away from your screen – you can zoom in, but Divinity was not designed to be looked at up close. It also zooms back out at any opportunity.

Overlook these little niggles and Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the best RPG to make it to consoles since The Witcher 3. It’s vast, engaging and surprising. The willingness to accommodate many different types of play may have its drawbacks, but once you’ve understood the systems and given thought to what kind of hero you want to be, you can sink literally hundreds of hours into your life on Rivellon.

Metro 10/10:

Clearly, this is not the sort of experience you can dip in and out of for five minutes at a time, but as long as you understand that going in we really do think it can be enjoyed by everyone – especially thanks to the co-op options. Divinity: Original Sin II was amazing when it was first released last year but these new changes (which are available on PC too) reconfirm it as one of the most impressive video games we’ve ever played.

CGMagazine 9.5/10:

If you like CRPGs, or RPGS, or games packed to the brim with content, excellent combat mechanics, and well-written characters, chances are you’ve had this game on your radar since you finished the original. It’s simply the best of its kind available on the market, and even if these kinds of games aren’t really your thing I would still highly recommend it. If you are a fan of this genre, and still haven’t played it, you’re truly missing out on what might be the best CRPG of all time and easily one of the best games of 2017, now with a shiny, polished, updated “Definitive Version” for your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Go out and get it.

RPG Site 9/10:

It goes without saying that I think Original Sin II is a splendid game overall, and the PlayStation 4 port is one worth checking out for those interested in the series. Not only is the story welcoming to both returning fans and newcomers to the franchise, but the various difficulty settings, specifically Story Mode, give an accessible option for beginners to experience this style of gameplay with minimal frustration.

Despite the minor glitches I encountered and overlong loading screens, those issues weren’t nearly enough to turn me away from playing and exploring the world of Rivellon once more. If you’re looking for a sprawling narrative, interesting world, and fantastic character building, this game is absolutely for you. I cannot recommend Divinity: Original Sin II enough.