Stoneshard Updates, $77,639 and Counting

With roughly three days left in its Kickstarter campaign, Ink Stains Games' intriguing roguelike RPG Stoneshard can boast a total of $77,639 pledged, which means its second stretch goal is a go, and the game will now be getting a big post-launch expansion.

Since we last checked, the campaign has received a number of meaty updates. Update #20 describes the game's psyche system. Update #21 shares some music from the game's soundtrack. Update #22 outlines the game's planned skill branches, and Update #23 details the team's upcoming Reddit AMA, and introduces us to the game's pantheon. Check it out:

Hello everyone, some huge news for today’s update!

First of all, we’ve reached $75.000 Stretch Goal thanks to you guys and gals! It means that Stoneshard will receive a big story expansion called ‘Ancestors Forlorn’, available to all Kickstarter backers (Mercenary and above) for free in the future! We will start discussing DLC plans after Stoneshard is fully released on PC & consoles.

Next, there’s Reddit AMA (AskMeAnything) we're hosting tomorrow. We will be answering all community questions about Stoneshard for two hours and we will announce a winner of our Creative Contest. You can still submit your dungeon boss fight concept — maybe it’s your idea that will be implemented in the game with your name in credits!.

Tune in to r/pcgaming tomorrow, on June 13th at 10:00 am PDT.

And now, for today’s update:

Stoneshard deities aren’t patrons of the world and its inhabitants like gods from other fantasy settings: fate of mortals doesn’t concern them much. Legend has it, that once there were also kind and caring gods present in the universe, but all of them were obliterated during that eternal war for power that these extraplanar entities wage among themselves. Nevertheless, sometimes even such vile gods need the help of mortals.

Today we will tell you about three gods of the Pantheon.

The Ever-Sufferer is one of the most weird and eldritch gods of the Pantheon. He revels in pain and violence, drawing his power from all those writhing and agonizing. This god feeds on the sufferings of mortals and favors those who suffer voluntarily. The most zealous fanatics of the Ever-Sufferer often mutilate themselves in the most excruciating ways only to please their cruel patron even more.

The Court is a god of disease, deceit and bargain. Behind the faded mask of this apparently mad many-faced deity, thousands of different souls battle each other for millennia in the twisting vortex of his thoughts and plans. Many believe that the victims of illnesses and maladies become fresh fuel for his experiments after their deaths. The Court patronizes hopelessly sick: many are willing to do anything in exchange for one's own life.

The Manaweaver is a goddess of arrogance, plans and lust for power. She also controls the flow of magic. Her plans are calculated for millennia ahead, and the web of her schemes reaches even the most remote corners of the universe. The Manaweaver wholly devoted herself to subjugate the entire known world, where everyone must become a cog in her perfectly adjusted machine. She considers all magicians to be thieves and parasites, stealing the fruit of her eternal labor. However, she is ready to make an exception for some particularly powerful conjurers – but for something precious in return.