Ni-Oh 2 Video Interview

Ni-Oh 2, Team Ninja's upcoming samurai-themed action-RPG, was revealed during Sony's E3 2018 showcase without too much fanfare or any solid information about what the game will look or play like. But then, we got a chance to check out a video interview with a number of Team Ninja's developers where they discuss their upcoming game.

According to them, Ni-Oh 2 will represent the natural evolution of Ni-Oh without changing anything too drastically. This time around, we will be able to create a new custom protagonist with the ability to wield the demon powers of Ni-Oh's Yokai, while the game's story will be tied to the story of the first game in some ways.

The developers also mention that the first Ni-Oh was a learning experience of sorts for them. It gave them an understanding of how to better utilize the RPG elements in an action-RPG like Ni-Oh, and I have to say, I like the sound of that.

See for yourself: