Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #51 - Second Beta Incoming

The “Features” trailer that accompanied the first backer beta announcement for Owlcat Games' upcoming CRPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker offered a few glimpses of the game's kingdom management mechanics. And now, a new Kickstarter update informs us that the second backer beta is on its way and that it's going to give the eligible backers access to the game's second and third chapters, allowing them to experience the Kingdom feature first-hand. Some additional details:

Dear Pathfinders,

As promised, we are releasing our second beta build this month. In fact, we're expecting to push it out on Steam at the end of this week, if we don't encounter any unexpected last minute bugs. Fingers crossed!

The new build will contain chapters two and three of the story for all beta backers to enjoy. This also means you will get to experience the latest iteration of our Kingdom feature! It's going to be a bit more fleshed out and complex than its alpha counterpart, so we'll be releasing some basic instructions in the coming days to help you get started.

If you're already in beta 1, you'll receive the updated build via Steam as soon as it goes live. Beta 1 savegames will be compatible, so there's no need to start over. As with the previous build, there is no NDA, so feel free to stream, share footage on YouTube and show your gameplay with your friends. Are you ready to continue your conquest of the Stolen Lands?

Hail to the Kings!