Beamdog Is Not Currently Working on a Planescape Game

The recent “Next Level” video dedicated to the Enhanced Edition artisans at Beamdog had a few frames of Planescape-themed concept art and naturally, the eagle-eyed RPG enthusiasts have spotted that, and immediately began speculating that maybe Beamdog is currently working on a brand new game set in the Planescape setting. According to Beamdog's co-founder Trent Oster this is not the case, as he states in this note on the Beamblog:

The Beamdog creative and art teams often explore concepts, pitches, and designs touching on different Dungeons & Dragons and unique settings. This was the case of the Planescape: Unraveled character concepts shown in the recently released STORYHIVE Next Level documentary.

At any given time, there are a few of these exploration projects happening in different parts of the studio. They’re typically not shared outside of the company as they can be interpreted as a new project.

We do these exploration projects as a way to find new ways to bring different ideas and creative styles to projects we’re working on. We’ve found it’s a great way to let the creative team stretch themselves and expand their skills. Occasionally, we return to these explorative projects and incorporate them into other things we’re working on.

Does this mean a new Planescape game is currently in the works at at Beamdog? Afraid not, the team is hard at work on other projects at this time. Planescape is an amazing setting that we enjoyed exploring as a part of developing Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition and we’d love to visit it again in the future. Only the Lady of Pain knows if that’ll happen, and she’s not sharing.