Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest Development Update #3

Coming back from their summer vacation, the folks at Ctrl Alt Ninja treat us to a new development update for their upcoming fantasy RPG Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest. The update tells us about the calming effect the new grass rendering techniques had on the team, and showcases the slightly changed camera angle that's said to make everything look better. We also learn what the upcoming updates will talk about – the AI improvements and the drastic changes in the game's structure.

Have a look:

Summer vacations are over and we are working hard on Druidstone!

Before the summer vacation we had quite a productive week. Some of the contributions were already mentioned in the last blog update, but a couple of things did not quite make it to the blog post.

First: we implemented grass rendering. What a difference does it make! My desk is facing away from the window, and of course we keep the window blinds closed like proper geeks do. To calm my nerves and induce lucid dreams of childhood summers in the Finnish forests, I can just stare at the wind blowing through the Menhir forest. Aah, lovely, I can feel my blood pressure dropping!

Second: Petri tweaked the camera angle a bit. It’s not exactly isometric (or axonometric), as it has perspective projection, but the world is now rotated 45 degrees around the vertical axis. This makes it possible to move the camera a bit closer by default, which brings out the detail in our models, making everything look great. But don’t trust just my word for it, see the screenshot down below.

After the vacation, we have introduced a bunch of new monsters, restructured the whole game – acts are gone – and rewritten artificial intelligence. But more about this later!