Middle-earth: Shadow of War Terror Tribe Trailer, Endgame Explained

A new trailer and its accompanying press release inform us that the Orcs in the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War will now be split into tribes - a variety of specialized factions that provide a rich ecosystem of missions and exploration, further expanding the game's Nemesis system. The trailer focuses on the Terror tribe that's all about instilling fear in their enemies. Check it out if you'd like to see some Orcs flailing chains and smashing heads:

Additionally, a couple days ago, the folks at Eurogamer have unveiled some details regarding Shadow of War's endgame where you defend fortresses from invaders to get the "true ending" that ties into The Lord of the Rings story. Have a look:

And here's a text-based overview:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has an endgame mission type called Shadow Wars.

Effectively a mini campaign, it takes place after the game's story is concluded and players have conquered all of Mordor. In the Shadow Wars, Sauron's army launches a counter assault against Talion, attacking different regions and attempting to take back those hard-won fortresses. These assaults are split into various stages, with more regions coming under attack from progressively harder enemies in each stage.

In terms of the actual gameplay, Shadow Wars basically takes the fortress assaults that form such a large part of Shadow of War and swaps the sides, asking you to hold various capture points until all the attacking warchiefs have been killed or otherwise conquered. If you succeed, the fortress will remain yours. Fail, however, and it will revert back to Sauron's control. You'll need to retake it in order to advance to the next stage and, what's more, you may need to mount a rescue mission to save the orc follower you installed in the fortress as Overlord.

Once the Shadow Wars have been concluded, players will get to see the game's true ending, which supposedly ties the events of Shadow of War directly into Lord of the Rings. Will we get to see the Fellowship of the Ring embark on their quest? Time will tell.