BioWare Has Brainstormed Two More "Theoretical" Dragon Age Titles

I loved Dragon Age: Origins, disliked Dragon Age II, never had a chance to finish Dragon Age: Inquisition, and mostly scratched my head at the browser spin-offs, so I have mixed feelings when I read this newsbit on Eurogamer that points to some posts on Mike Laidlaw's Twitter feed indicating that BioWare has already plotted out a fourth and fifth installment of the fantasy RPG franchise. Will it be enough to genuinely pique my interest again?
Dragon Age boss Mike Laidlaw told a fan on Twitter his team already had ideas for a "theoretical" Dragon Age 5.

"There is no planned ending for DA," Laidlaw said, in response to a question asking if the fantasy role-playing series once had a set conclusion.

"There is an evolving plan that tends to look two games ahead or so."

This long-planned focus is evident in the games themselves. Dragon Age Inquisition's Big Bad Corypheus was first featured in Dragon Age 2 DLC. Meanwhile, Inquisition's excellent epilogue DLC Trespasser amply set up the forthcoming Dragon Age 4.

"Thus, I could tell you what -could- be in a theoretical game five," Laidlaw continued, "if there were a theoretical game four happening."