Alexis Kennedy on Adding Oddness to Dragon Age

Alexis Kennedy, the founder of Failbetter Games and BioWare's guest writer, made it pretty clear he was working on the yet unannounced Dragon Age 4 in an earlier interview with Eurogamer. Things got pretty quiet after that, until recently, he spoke to PC Gamer, elaborating on his involvement in the project. Even so, he remained rather tight-lipped and simply promised that those of us familiar with Fallen London and Sunless Sea should immediately recognize his particular brand of oddness in a certain part of the game that revolves around some previously neglected bit of the Dragon Age lore.

See for yourself:

"I was given considerable creative freedom to work on a particular bit of the lore, which I think is a bit of the lore that people might guess that I would be drawn to. I suspect that when the project that was described reaches the light of day—which another writer has taken over and will do a lot more work to make it their own—people will probably look and say: yes, that's obviously the Kennedy bit."

Beyond that, Kennedy remains expectedly tight-lipped. Speaking directly to the so-called "Kennedy bit", though, he expects those well acquainted with the oddness of his past Failbetter works to feel at home.

He adds: "Unless it's ironed out by the challenges and vicissitudes of AAA production, a part of the game will immediately look familiar to anyone who's played Fallen London and Sunless Sea. There will definitely be that oddness visible in there."