Pathfinder Adventures: Rise of the Goblins DLC Released

Rise of the Goblins, a new piece of DLC for Obsidian Entertainment's Pathfinder Adventures digital card game is now available on Steam for $8.99 or your regional equivalent (with an additional 33% discount if you pick it up before August 9). This DLC adds a new campaign, new goblin characters, and goblinified versions of Pathfnder's 11 Iconic characters. Here's a short description:

Ever wonder what the 'other side' is seeing when the heroes are running through their adventures?

The Rise of the Goblins puts you in charge of the goblin attack on Sandpoint that kicks off the Rise of the Runelords campaign. You'll get the opportunity to wreck the havoc you previously attempted to solve, using a new deck of cards that turn former monsters into allies and vice versa.

The Rise of the Goblins DLC includes:
  • A full-length campaign of 5 scenarios
  • 2 new Goblin characters, Ranzak the Raider and Poog the Warcaster
  • A new set of asymmetrical, clumsily carved Goblin Dice
  • 11 Goblin alternate versions of the Iconic characters from the Rise of the Runelords (Merisiel, Valeros, Kyra and friends), coming with new skins, goblin-specific powers and slightly different stats
Ranzak, Poog, and the 11 Goblin alt characters can adventure in both Rise of the Goblins and Rise of the Runelords.

This new campaign draws inspiration from the We Be Goblins! module for the Pathfinder tabletop RPG. Veterans of the physical Pathfinder Adventures game will also recognize Ranzak from the Skull & Shackles deck and Poog from the Goblin Burn! deck.

Additionally, an official blog post describes the thought process behind the Rise of the Goblins DLC and shares Obsidian's future plans for Pathfinder Adventures. Have a look:

The Future

The next content after our goblin deck is still being designed (and possibly named something else) but it is currently being called a Side Quest and is going to be character specific. Meaning you can do them with different sized parties but it requires the character of focus to be in the party.

While this is subject to change, we plan on opening up with a series of five scenarios that explore some events that befall Valeros (he does have an interesting backstory) and culminate in unique rewards and a new character added to the roster.

Who that character is has been currently narrowed down to one of two choices but they will be coming from the Fighter Class Deck and it isn't another version of Valeros, so that's your hint.

Hmmm, maybe we'll open it up to a popularity vote or something in the future. No promises though!

And finally, the 1.2.7 patch notes introduce the new playable goblins and list the bugfixes that come along with them:

Bug Fixes
Here's the list of other fixes we've addressed in this patch, broken down by type!

Progression Breaks
  • Spyglass (Charm): Resolved a possible progression break that could occur if using the Spyglass charm
  • Ghlorofaex: Fixed a possible progression break if a character encountered Ghlorofaex.
  • Store: Resolved a bug that caused a progression break when attempting to purchase items outside of the store.
  • Rimeskull: A progression break when playing Rimeskull on Legendary has been fixed.
  • Victory Screen: Fixed various issues with the UI in the new Victory Screen.
  • Treasure Chests: Fixed a bug that was keeping players from being able to open Treasure Chests
  • Tutorial: Fixed a bug that led the player to a black screen when completing a Tutorial
  • Card Dragging: Fixed a bug that would cause a card to get stuck on screen when dragging it
  • Card Zooming/Rotating: Fixed a bug that would make cards disappear when rotated or zoomed into.
  • Character Nicknames: We solved an issue with assigning nicknames to experienced characters.
  • Stash: Fixed a bug that would allow the player to duplicate cards.
  • Stash: Fixed a bug that would delete cards when a player would try to return them to the unclaimed tab.
  • Stash/Character select: We now stream in the cards and characters to help the performance of lower end devices.
  • Legendary Card Reward: Fixed a bug that was not awarding Legendary Card rewards.