Phoenix Point Update #22

The latest Phoenix Point Fig update is filled with announcements. First, we learn that Snapshot Games will be using CrowdOx as their backer management system. Then, we're told that those backers who haven't yet received their Chaos Reborn keys will have to wait until this new system is in place. And finally, we get an announcement that Snapshot Games forums are on their way and will be live soon, ready to receive suggestions and feedback.

Have a look:

Backer Management System

Over the last couple of weeks, Snapshot Games has been working to migrate all of our backers over to a new backer management system. We are delighted to announce that we are working with CrowdOx and will be ready to go live soon. The backer management system will allow you to update your shipping address for physical goods, upgrade your pledge and select from a number of additional extra rewards both physical and digital.

This new system will allow us to survey you in the future to collect information for details such as soldier roster names, backer credit names and t-shirt sizes. CrowdOx will also provide us with a more streamlined delivery method for your digital rewards.

Chaos Reborn Keys

We understand that some backers may have not yet received their Chaos Reborn keys, or the surveys collecting platform information. If this is the case and you still haven't received your key, we kindly ask you to sit tight. We will no longer be manually sending out keys in waves, we will instead be delivering them to you via our backer management system. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from CrowdOx within the next week or two for details on how to claim your keys.

Snapshot Games Forums

Our web developer and artists have been working to bring you a brand new Snapshot Games Forum. Here you will be able to discuss Phoenix Point, Chaos Reborn and many other gaming related topics. We will be providing you with a place for suggestions and feedback, along with an area for requesting support and advice. We hope to have the forums live within the next two weeks, so please bear with us.