The Dwarves Coming Out Next Week, Thank You Video

The folks at KING Art Games have narrowed down the release date for their isometric RPG based on a fantasy novel series from Markus Heitz, The Dwarves, in a recent Kickstarter update. The title is coming out next week on Thursday, or December 1st, if you prefer the date:

One week to go!

Next Thursday "The Dwarves" will be out!

It’s important for us to be as visible as possible on launch day and the days after that. So you would do us a favor if you download the game right away, rate it, write comments and so on and think about other ways to spread the word.

To celebrate the announcement, they've also released a Thank You video, which is specifically aimed at backers of the project and supporters in general:

I'm quite curious about this one. Fingers crossed, it will turn out to be a good title.