Five Things Mass Effect Andromeda Needs To Prove

GameInformer's Kimberly Wallace has penned a brief bullet-point style editorial on Mass Effect: Andromeda to highlight five things she feels BioWare should prove with this title. Here's on the much-touted open world design:

Create A Compelling, More Open World
The trilogy has its share of linearity, but one thing BioWare has been boasting about in Andromeda is how much freedom and exploration it holds with a more open world. Part of the fun of being on different planets is discovery, and feeling boxed in doesn’t really sell the adventure. With this, though, comes the challenge of filling these spaces with intriguing encounters, whether that be battles, side quests, or worthwhile items.

This will be Mass Effect’s first crack at creating larger spaces, and hopefully it learned from Dragon Age Inquisition’s successes and shortcomings. BioWare must ensure this world is, first and foremost, fun to explore, and that each planet has its own unique identity, but without too much to do that isn’t meaningful, like in Inquisition. Hopefully, the larger world opens up the opportunity to create even more intriguing side quests by having extra dungeons and hideouts around every nook and cranny. I’m most interested in seeing the different environments and how much more detailed planets can look with the advanced tech. I’ve always thought Mass Effect could do much more with its world; I’m hoping Andromeda delivers in that regard.