Dishonored 2 Art Director Would Change Nothing of the Game's Looks

During a chat with the folks at VG247, the art director of Dishonored 2, Sebastien Mitton, revealed just how satisfied he was of the project. To the point where, for the first time in his career, he'd change nothing of it. Here's an example of the kind of work he and his team have done:

“People react differently to different colours. The way I wanted colours is that per mission or per room, I know that some colours can convey certain emotions. So we play with that inside rooms or in a house. Sometimes it’s all wooden. Something red, maroon. Then you have to compensate with the lighting which has to be more blue or more warm.”

This colour manipulation changes how the player receives each new area, and it’s something you see in movies and comics. With video games, and especially a non-linear game like Dishonored 2, things are trickier.

“If you possess a fish and you enter a building, or you enter with badass powers by the rooftop, or you just take the front door, it’s different emotions because you don’t enter the building the same way,” Mitton said.

“So we tried to manage these colours globally and then we go into specifics based on play tests. Time after time we iterate and then make them really specific.”