Memories of Evil and Wickedness

While his original plan was to take a look at Obsidian's latest CRPG, Tyranny, Richard Cobbett ended up having just enough time to pen a short editorial on evil choices and paths in other RPG, which also briefly touches upon morality and choices in RPGs in general. Here's a controversial highlight of his, Fallout 3's choice to nuke Megaton:

Fallout 3: Megaton

A modern classic, I think, if one that the rest of the game struggles to live up to. It’s not simply that you’re asked to destroy an entire town. It’s the fact that you’re asked to destroy an entire town because it gets in the way of an old rich man’s view.

Other great Fallout 3 examples include sabotaging a woman called Moira’s dreams of creating the ultimate wasteland survival guide by completely bullshitting everything she asks you to research, with the possibility after that of doing the nuke and leaving her a radioactive ghoul – an eternity of broken dreams in the wreckage.