Titan Quest Mobile Edition Post-Mortem Interview

Gamasutra has published an interesting article-style interview with DotEmu CEO Cyrille Imbert that focuses on the mobile port of Titan Quest and the process employed by the developers to make sure it was faithful to the original experience. Here's a short excerpt:

The hack n slash style RPG, is not only fast paced, and developed with a keyboard and mouse in mind, but it's also about 60 hours long. Multiplayer and content from expansion packs fell by the wayside.

Optimization was vital here, even with mobile devices being increasingly powerful."It took us about 6 months before we started to run the game on the latest iPhone at a decent framerate," explained Imbert. "It's only with the latest devices that you will be able to have a nice 60 FPS with Titan Quest." That's also why there Dot Emu is still working on an Android version. (It's due on July 7th.)