Blizzard is Hiring for an "Unannounced Project" in the Diablo Franchise

We don't know if it will be a Diablo III expansion, a full-blown Diablo IV, a spin-off, or something else entirely, but Blizzard Entertainment has made no attempt to hide the fact that they're looking to fill a variety of positions on an "unannounced project" set within the Diablo franchise. At least a half dozen positions are available, from animator to game director, so you may want to start thinking about spit-shining that resume:

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a game director with outstanding communications skills, proven experience in creative direction, strong ability in system design, and a stellar track record of shipping AAA games to lead the Diablo series into the future.


  • Be the vision holder for the franchise, setting the creative goals for the team. 
  • Direct game design while successfully partnering with the production director to deliver and maintain an epic gaming experience. 
  • Discuss games with the player community via press announcements, forum posts, interviews, and public appearances. 
  • Maintain an awareness of global player behavior and customs to ensure that design decisions are relevant for international regions. 
  • Coach and guide creative team members toward achieving their career goals. 
  • Establish and maintain a creative environment, resolve personnel challenges, motivate qualified developers, and foster a culture of success.


  • Knowledgeable and passionate about Diablo games
  • A minimum of 5 years’ directing video game development 
  • Shipped multiple AAA products as a game director or creative director
  • Outstanding communications and relationship-building skills 
  • Recognized ability to guide and inspire large development teams 
  • Able to work well in a team environment and communicate effectively with all development disciplines: programming, art, design, sound, and production 
  • Exhibited ability to coach and mentor employees at all levels of an organization 
  • Great sense for what makes a game fun to play 
  • Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative 
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience 


  • Experience developing online games, action games, and / or role-playing games 
  • International game experience 
  • Higher educational degree

Required Application Materials

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter which should include:
    • Why you are interested in working at Blizzard 
    • What games you are currently playing

Thanks, N4G.