Tyranny Short Story Series, Part One: Under New Management

Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment have kicked off a new series of short stories for their upcoming RPG Tyranny, with the first installment being written by game director Brian Heins and focusing on "introducing everyone to the Scarlet Chorus, one of the Overlord's armies and a potential ally of the player, during a crisis of leadership.) An excerpt, as usual:

Heavy sighs preceded a cloud of embers lifting from the campfire. All agreed that Crow Trap was right, though the gang had no reason to enjoy it. Their patron Archon, the Voices of Nerat, would be none too pleased if one of his gangs needed to resupply and recoup their losses before they had a chance to prove themselves in a decisive battle.

Fox Trap extended her palm without a word. Crow Trap took the customary offering of blood Fox barely registering the pain and turned back to the gang. Anyone else?

Before the next gang member could speak up, a snapped twig announced a new presence just beyond their circle. Man Trap lumbered into the perimeter, pushing aside saplings and hoisting his belt around his expansive gut.

(Why so silent, my ninny-shitters?) he shouted, as garrulous as ever. (We've every reason to celebrate after today's red work. Cat, favor us a song. Snake, tell us about the time you.)

Cutting off his own speech, Man Trap halted just outside the perimeter. He sniffed, turning his gaze to each of his red-clad killers in turn.

(Something's wrong,) he said. (I smell at least one bloody palm among you stinking mongrels.) He turned to Crow Trap with an implied question. Her knife was still out, and his attention drew to it like a compass to true north.