The Elder Scrolls: A Romance

The editors over at IG Critic recount "the romance" that we've had with Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series since it debuted in 1994, from the initial impressions that Arena left us with to the awe-inspiring, dragon-battling moments of Skyrim.  The article is relatively sparse, but I'll leave you with a couple of paragraphs:

That moment we had all awaited ever since we completed our first quest in The Elder Scrolls: Arena. TES V: Skyrim was the promise of epic adventure and endless action. From the moment we heard the dragon's roar, we knew that Skyrim would prove itself to be unforgettable. Even now as you read this, there are thousands continuing their endless journey through the icy landscape, devouring dragon souls and slaughtering the undead Draugr.

We were young when we were first introduced to The Elder Scrolls, we're older and wiser now and we know that what we have is special. There have been a lot of mistakes and issues that threatened to ruin the games. But in hindsight, we can laugh at the dragons flying backwards, beggars who descended into the ground never to be seen again, our own characters falling into the ground and appearing elsewhere.