Hellgate Global Officially Goes Offline

I'm not sure if anything will ever become of Hellgate's successful reception on Steam Greenlight, but the current online iteration of the game for those of us in the Western world, Hellgate Global, has gone offline as announced and planned back in October. There is no mention of the actual closure on T3Fun's official website, but people on the Hellgate Facebook page are reporting that they've been getting "could not connect to authentication server" messages for the latter half of December.

Of course, the original Hellgate: London can still be installed and played in offline form, and there are some fantastic modifications that can be taken advantage of over on the Hellgate Revival forums to give it a lot more longevity. But as a long-time fan of the game, I'm clinging to a faint hope that 2016 brings us a new online version through Steam, the availability of private servers, or at least an easily accessible installer for the single player version through a service like GOG.