Dark Souls Director Says There Are No More Secrets

Speaking with the folks at EDGE, as reported by games website GamesRadar, From Software president and Dark Souls game director Hidetaka Miyazaki explained that Dark Souls has no more huge secrets to reveal to its players (I'm sure that the community will still be discovering very small but notable quirks in the game for years to come).

In Miyazaki's view, the game was designed "incomplete" so that its players could complete it with their own discoveries:

Is there anything they haven't found yet? "Well, there aren't any undiscovered items, or specific bits of gameplay," he says. "But Dark Souls is in some ways an incomplete game, and I like to think that it has been completed by players, by their discoveries, as they moved along. I'd love to say that the nature of this incompleteness was completely deliberate, but it is both deliberate and by accident, in different ways."