Zombasite Clan and Monster Profiles

As they continue to chisel away on their latest action RPG endeavor, Zombasite, the team at Soldak Entertainment has also been busy fleshing out the game's official website. Among the latest additions are a set of clan profiles and a handful of new monster profiles, so I'll go ahead and quote from the former page:

Heart of Gold

Danger Level: Low

The Heart of Gold clan believe they have found the path to enlightenment through generosity. They are excellent money managers and always have an overabundance of wealth. It isn't the great sums they own that make them feel rich, but rather the giving away of money and helping others. This is the true path to peace and happiness. With the zombie infection ravaging Aleria, their talents and gift are more needed than ever. The Heart of Gold clan is on a mission, and through their work, they plan to restore Aleria to order once more.

Traits: Financial and Generous


Danger Level: High

The fierce fighting naga clan, Fang, would like everyone to think their bravado and deadly warrior skills are their most impressive asset. The truth is that it is almost impossible to unravel the truth about the Fang Clan. They are more than practiced liars; they're impeccable spies besides. Reveling in others' misfortune - especially if they had a hand in it - is all part of their sadistic game. That, and their eternal thirst for power.

Traits: Deceitful and Spies

Demon Spears

Danger Level: High

The Demon Spears clan makes up in numbers what it lacks in strength. The swarm-like mini-demon scree like to eat soft tissues, like organs or eyeballs, especially after a successful bloody encounter. Though cowardly in nature, they thrive on chaos and follow it like a blood scent into unpredictable battle tactics. They will make deals and allies, but seldom keep promises. The Demon Spears will happily lie, even for fun.

Traits: Chaotic, Deceitful, and Recruiter