Divinity: Original Sin II Update #6, $1,306,445 and Counting

Larian Studios is currently strongly considering the idea of adding more stretch goals for Divinity: Original Sin II given the rate at which they're hitting the ones they've laid out, we learn in the sixth update for the RPG sequel's crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Additionally, they currently have add-ons for the campaign, and are planning a DevLine Twitch stream for tomorrow 12PM PST/3PM ET/9PM CEST at the company's official Twitch.tv channel.

The update also includes a video focused on the level design for the title. During the video, the developers discussed the artistic inspirations and some of the design goals with the areas in the game, not to mention the challenges they encounter. It's not quite technical or in-depth enough to be genuinely useful for a level designer, but it's still a good watch: