The Banner Saga 2 Preview

In spite or perhaps because he was told that the game would be "basically the same" as the first Banner Saga by a PR rep, Destructoid's Kyle MacGregor has decided to focus his preview of The Banner Saga 2 on the differences and improvements that Stoic implemented. Here's a snippet:

The Banner Saga 2 reinforces one of its predecessors greatest strengths -- how consequences born from player choice ripple throughout the experience like stones cast into a pond -- by having them directly bleed into combat, starting out battles with scenes that stem from your decisions, rather than have them play out exactly the same way regardless of how a particular situation came to pass.

Once a skirmish begins, you'll encounter new foes, such as four-legged creatures that can cloak themselves and ambush more fragile units (such as archers) that you figured were safe behind the front lines. New support units will also force you to make difficult decisions between targeting the enemy's bruisers or the guys making them even more imposing than they otherwise would be.