Sorcerer King to be Released on July 16th

Stardock's turn-based strategy/RPG Sorcerer King has been available through Steam Early Access since late last year, but today the studio revealed their plans to officially release the game on July 16th. The full details are below:

Stardock Announces Sorcerer King Release Date

Players can begin the quest to save the world from imminent doom on July 16th

Plymouth, MI June 30, 2015 Stardock, software and video game developer, announced today that its new fantasy turn-based strategy game Sorcerer King will release on July 16th.

In the game you play as the leader of a city-state in a world filled with magic generated by the (shards,) but the self-styled Sorcerer King has begun to destroy the shards and use their magic in a quest to become a god. You must build a kingdom and raise a force powerful enough to stop him while at the same time dealing with rival factions who only care about conquering more land and resources for themselves. Time is limited: the Doomsday Counter keeps track of the Sorcerer King's progress toward godhood. Can you stop him in time?

You'll don the mantle of one of six powerful sovereigns; the Wizard, the Commander, the Tyrant, the Guardian, the Priest, or the Tinkerer. You may also create your a custom sovereign to halt the march towards doomsday. A random map generator offers unlimited replayability while story-driven quests provide a rich narrative experience.

City-building, item-crafting, monster battling; all of these familiar tropes are found in Sorcerer King, but there is a twist: you've already lost the world to the Sorcerer King. Now you must take it back before he destroys it.

Sorcerer King is available now via Steam Early Access at for $39.99, and will enter full release on July 16. To learn more, please visit ;

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