Anarchy Online Graphics Engine Upgrade Coming Soon

Despite the fact that Anarchy Online was released nearly 14 years ago and no graphics engine upgrade has ever materialized to date, it seems that Funcom is finally going to make good on their oft-mentioned commitment and give the aging sci-fi MMORPG a more youthful appearance in the near future. In fact, they've already released the updated engine for testing, and some quotes on Massively Overpowered suggest that it might go mainstream around its June 27th anniversary date:

(You've waited, it's coming. In this year of 29489 on Rubi-Ka, you will see it,) Anarchy Online's Twitter feed trumpeted today.

We'll see what? You don't mean. you can't mean. the new graphics engine? That mythical beast of legend, widely discussed but rarely seen and usually dismissed as a fairy tale? It looks like this is the case, especially now that Funcom is allowing players to download an executable with the new engine in it on the test server.

(This is still a work in progress, but we intend to open this up to a much wider audience soon,) Funcom posted. (Brace for impact.)

The updated graphics engine has been in the works for years now, promising to give a massive visual overhaul to the 2001-era title. Funcom also said that it's starting preparations for the 2015 anniversary event.