Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2015 Gameplay Video and Previews

The impressiveness of Sony's Playstation 4-exclusive action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn was just ratcheted up a bit further with the debut of a new gameplay video that showcases what it's like to journey through the post-apocalyptic world and fell massive robotic beasts:

And then for even more details, we'll stop by Twinfinite for a preview:

This hunting offers a surprising amount of depth and variety depending on what you decide to be your end goal with each encounter. Stealth is paramount as you avoid smaller enemies known as Watchers that scan areas and sound off piercing alarms. You can work your way around them stealthily, or dispatch them if need be with a well-placed spear.

While hunting larger foes for resources, your method of attack is of the utmost importance. You can use any weapon at your disposal to take care of the different enemy types in Horizon: Zero Dawn, but that sometimes comes with a risk. You are a hunter who must gather resources. Resources that happen to be part of the beings you hunt. This means you can potentially destroy the very things you seek if you go in haphazardly with no game plan whatsoever.

Before heading to Wired for another preview:

But spend more time with the game and you start to realise that something unique might be brewing inside this Dutch studio -- surprising, perhaps, given it is more famous for by-the-numbers sci-fi franchise Killzone. Those games were set in almost the definition of video game Armageddon, but their new work is a post-apocalyptic world you actually want to explore, and not just survive.

Set around two millennia following an intentionally-vague apocalypse, the game focuses on Aloy, a woman whose tribe is essentially living in a new Stone Age among many other tribes, "some as powerful as kings". Although they scavenge for remnants of the long-lost high-tech society, Aloy's people are only able to turn those pieces into more basic weapons and tools (a bow may appear to be constructed from robotic limbs and armour, but it really is just a bow) and instead rely on hunting gigantic dinosaurs, from whom they harvest a type of biofuel and other resources like weapons and armour.