Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 25 Launched

With the launch of Update 25: Reign of Elemental Evil for Dungeons & Dragons Online today, Turbine has given us another means to return to The Temple of Elemental Evil and experience Gary Gygax's classic Greyhawk adventure module firsthand - with Dungeon Master commentary by Wil Wheaton, to boot. Along with the massive ToEE dungeon, there's also a new monster manual, a rogue prestige enhancement revision, and the usual bevy of bug fixes and balance tweaks. You can check out the full release notes here, but I'll just quote the pertinent paragraphs:

Temple of Elemental Evil!

Explore the classic Temple of Elemental Evil! Featuring the voice of actor/writer Wil Wheaton, this new adventure pack (FREE to VIPs) offers both Heroic and Epic level versions. The NPCs that bestow and take adventurers to the Temple of Elemental Evil can be found in the Stormreach or Eveningstar Hall of Heroes in addition to the Hall of Heroes passport available from the Character Selection screen.

New Monster Manual!

A new volume of the Monster Manual is available in the DDO Store (free to VIPs)! Slay monsters anywhere in DDO and earn cool rewards, such as D&D monster art and cosmetic pets! This is the last Monster Manual edition to feature Astral Shards, so get it today the next edition of Monster Manual will offer a different type of reward!