Pillars of Eternity GameBanshee Inn Revealed

In case you were wondering how the GameBanshee inn for Pillars of Eternity turned out, Obsidian Entertainment has published some screenshots and a brief description on its official Facebook page. So without further ado, here you can read a bit on the results of our Immortalization campaign:

It was the largest battle of the War of Defiance, and the imperial army of Aedyr had blockaded the rebel capital of Defiance Bay with its fleet. They chose to invade with ground troops at the weakest point, a poorly fortified position in a district known as Ondra's Gift, which had once been a wetland before being drained and settled.

What the invaders didn't know was that they were being drawn into a trap. Aedyran soldiers stormed the district to find it abandoned, and before they could make sense of it, the dikes behind them were destroyed, and the district was flooded. The army of Aedyr was decimated.

Most of the original district was swept away in the flood, or remains beneath the water, a submerged ruin. One of the only surviving structures was a lighthouse, which now lies at the far end of the farthest dock of Ondra's Gift - and the locals prefer it that way. Those unaware of the local superstitions who pass that way find that their blood runs cold as they near it, and their bodies are overcome with panic. But often they remain paralyzed just long enough to hear the screams from within, and it's the screams that stay with them, haunting their dreams, spawning a host of wild stories - some about vengeful soldier ghosts, some about a lighthouse keeper who never knew to evacuate.

The key to the lighthouse has passed from one naïve would-be owner to the next, often through trickery. The last such victim was a young woman named Niah who had aspirations of converting the lighthouse into an inn that ended as quickly as her workers could flee. Though she still has hopes for it, she has yet to conjure the nerve to set foot inside.