Project Eternity Kickstarter Ends at Over $4 Million, GameBanshee Immortalization Successful!

A month of jubilation has ended - congratulations to Obsidian Entertainment on smashing their original goal by raising over $4 million on Kickstarter to fund Project Eternity! And I'll follow that spectacular news up with a thank you, thank you, thank you to the 105 people who contributed to our ChipIn campaign to forever immortalize the banshee within the Infinity Engine-inspired RPG. We raised a total of $4144, and I'll be making up for the 3% that Paypal takes plus kicking in another $500 of my own personal money to put us at a total of $4644. While that's slightly shy of the $5000 necessary to get a banshee-themed inn, NPC, and weapon into the game, Obsidian has graciously agreed to give us a small discount on the pledge tier we've been hoping for all along.

Remember, those of you who contributed $50 will be getting a fantasy name of your choice scrawled in a book, on a table, or on a tombstone near the banshee location, and those of you who contributed $100 will be getting a mousepad delivered to your door. I will be sending out emails to the people who meet this criteria next week, so please keep an eye out for that.

So now the fun begins! I'm working with Obsidian right now to get the funds transferred over, and we can start hammering out details on how the banshee will actually be represented in the game. Should we shoot for an inn or a tavern? How should the book, tables, and tombstones be integrated? Do we want the NPC to be the banshee herself, perhaps as an integral part of a quest chain that begins or ends at the inn or tavern? And what sort of "epic weapon" should we request? A blade that emits a death-inducing wail on a critical hit?

Please feel free to voice your opinions in the comments - it's all of you that helped make this happen!