The ABCs of RPGs (on iOS)

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, and The Shadow Sun are just three of the many role-playing games referenced in a new "The ABCs of RPGs" feature on Grab It Magazine that covers action RPGs, strategy/RPGs, Japanese RPGs, Korean RPGs, Western RPGs, MMORPGs, and Roguelikes as they exist on Apple's iOS platform. A starting point:

The WRPG is a Western RPG, and The Shadow Sun fits comfortably into this category. Free-roaming and featuring real-time combat, usually from a third-person perspective are the most common traits found in the WRPG.

The real-time combat leads to a more actively engaged experience, as you are in direct control of your character throughout, as opposed to the turn-based style of the JRPG which is more tactical. Levelling-up in a WRPG is often connected to actions you perform within the game, with the type of loot dropped moulding itself to the style you choose to play in. These traits are certainly exemplified in The Shadow Sun. Choose the rogue character and slain monsters will be more likely to drop daggers, the warrior will coax long blades, and the mage will receive wands and robes more often than not.

There are some great WRPG experiences to be found on the App Store, the most notable of which are the Ravensword titles from Crescent Moon Games. They are great big free-roaming adventures with hours of content. Gameloft has also gained a lot of recognition for its epic Scared Odyssey: Rise of Ayden, which comes complete with horse riding. If you've done everything there is to do in The Shadow Sun and are looking for more epic questing, these games are an easy recommendation.