Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Details and Teaser Trailer

Grinding Gear Games has made good on their promise to share many more details and features for their Sacrifice of the Vaal expansion pack for Path of Exile, and to drum up some additional excitement, they've also released a teaser trailer for the action RPG add-on.

And a bit from the list of features:

The Vaal Orb: Corrupted Items

As Atziri's influence spreads, exiles are increasingly driven by the temptation to corrupt their own equipment with Vaal Orbs. While corrupting an item can yield unpredictable and powerful results, it prevents later modification to the item (corrupted items cannot have further currency applied to them). Corruption yields one of many possible outcomes and has different effects depending on what type of item it is.

Corruption is currently the only way to obtain white sockets, certain implicit mods, gems with level or quality higher than 20, maps with eight mods, and various other exotic item states.

New Challenge Leagues

Every four months, we introduce a pair of new Challenge Leagues. These are self-contained economies and provide an ideal opportunity for players to have a fresh start with new ladders to climb. While they're entirely optional (all existing characters in the Standard and Hardcore leagues still exist), they provide an opportunity for players to demonstrate their mastery of the game. Will you be the first to fight Queen Atziri, reach level 90 or find one of the new Unique items?

Sacrifice of the Vaal introduces the Ambush League and hardcore Invasion league. There are a set of eight difficult challenges that can be completed in the leagues. Players who complete all the challenges receive an exclusive t-shirt at the end of the leagues!

Ambush League

Like the Anarchy and Domination challenge leagues before it, the Ambush league is about risk and reward. Various new types of chests called Strongboxes can be found throughout Wraeclast. These chests are guarded by monsters that ambush the player when they are opened. The ambushing monsters must be slain before the contents of the Strongbox can be claimed.

Sometimes you'll encounter magic, rare or unique Strongboxes which have mods like items do. Prefixes affect the difficulty of the ambush by adding more monsters, springing traps or affecting your character. Suffixes improve your rewards from the Strongbox. You can use currency items to reroll these mods.

Invasion League

Like the Onslaught and Nemesis leagues before it, Sacrifice of the Vaal's hardcore Invasion league is designed to kill players. In the Invasion league, areas of Wraeclast have substantially more monster variety, so players will run into unexpected and dangerous invading monsters from other levels or acts. A unique boss monster from an invading monster type is also lurking in each level, with powerful combinations of skills to catch the player off-guard. As you progress through Path of Exile's difficulty levels, the monster variety continues to expand and the invading bosses gain additional abilities.

New Boss Monsters

We've added over 60 new boss monsters to Path of Exile. Every type of secret corrupted area and almost every monster type in the Invasion league required a unique-rarity monster to be created. These new boss fights feature advanced combinations of skills and support gems that we've never used on monsters before. Because these bosses are featured in corrupted areas and the Invasion league, we've designed them to be especially lethal.