Quest for Infamy Post-funding Updates #44-46

A 44th, 45th, and 46th update are up on the Quest For Infamy Kickstarter campaign, with these latest three entries highlighting the adventure/RPG hybrid's development progress, environments, pre-order availability, and acceptance on Valve's Steam service. Read on:
Quest For Infamy Progress and Release

Work on Quest For Infamy continues at a frantic pace. We've brought testers on-board to begin helping us test the game, and they've been busy - and very, very good! They're helping us whip the game into shape, and honestly - as much as a pain as it is to fix bugs - I'm enjoying doing it and discovering new things about the game! These guys break it daily, on purpose, and help us discover things we didn't THINK of! Hah...

The animation team has been working very hard too - what is left to do is mostly animation work. There is so much hand-drawn animation in this game... it boggles my mind and really impresses me. I hope it will impress you too!

Ah, the bane of the adventure game's existence! The mini-game! This game, like many mini-games in QFI, is totally optional - a way to spend some time, and maybe make a few extra bucks. Still, it was a lot of fun to program this.

Infamous Quests & QFI at ADVENTURE X

Broomie will be at Adventure X in London again this year! We'll be premiering the Trailer for Quest For Infamy there and on-line immediately afterwards. We'll be demoing the game at 12:30 on Saturday - stop on in if you can, and tell Broomie "Bt sent me."

Quest For Infamy Release Date

Well, the big question - I get asked this a lot, of course. We want to get the game out as soon as possible, but we don't want to put out anything that doesn't meet our satisfaction and our own expectations for the game. We'll announce a solid release date when it becomes closer, but I can say at this point, it will be in Early 2014.