The Dark Eye: Demonicon Reviews

A few more critiques of Noumena Studios' The Dark Eye: Demonicon have trickled onto the web, and we'll start things off over at Universal Gaming Reviews where they've given the RPG a score of 6/10:
Overall, Demonicon: The Dark Eye is a fairly entertaining game but it still has much that can be improved upon. There's still a few glitches during conversations that I've noticed, like characters randmly teleporting a bit then returning to their position, transitions from conversations also can use a bit of work. Combat could also use a bit of work as well and many of the textures are low in resolution and it's quite evident throughout the game. Some people may dislike this fact but it didn't really bother me all that much but I figured I'd mention it. There was also a glitch I encountered after the boss battle with Ghamat where you converse with Latika but it glitched and I couldn't leave the area, once I reloaded the game it worked properly again however. The game is also quite linear in it's progression so if you were looking for an open world RPG here then it's best to look elsewhere. The game also uses an autosave system and there's no ability to save the game outside of this which is a bit annoying.

Then it's a visit to Examiner for a score of 3/5:
It might sound like I'm picking apart (The Dark Eye: Demonicon,)but nothing could be further from the truth. I actually really enjoyed the game. There are quite a few technical areas that could use some improvement and the storyline is similar to the standard fantasy tropes, but it really was a lot of fun. (Demonicon) is a competent third-person action RPG somewhere between (The Witcher,) (Dragon Age,) and (Darksiders.) With a little bit of polish, the game could be truly great. The bottom line is, that I would definitely play the sequel.

And, finally, Saving Content finishes things off with no score:
Demonicon has a lot of potential, drawing from The Dark Eye leaves room for sequels and improvements on the core mechanics that makes this title standout. As it stands as a solitary title, cannot be recommended at full price. It's far from broken, in fact it works and plays well, but it isn't a very polished game. Over the course of 20+ hours, it definitely gets its hooks into you, but those hooks tend to get annoying and you'll want to be done before you see the credits roll.