Might & Magic X: Legacy Freemage Class Profile

While we're still waiting for part two of the "Character Classes and Races" blog series they kicked off last month, the Might & Magic X: Legacy development team has at least teased us with a quick profile of the Freemage class we'll be able to choose from if our party makeup is lacking a magic-based specialization.
(The Freemage is the master of air magic but has the greatest flexibility to switch to another school. Her life time can be pretty short if she gets in the focus of attacks. Magical foci are her hobby.)

The Freemage's business is magic of any kind. She has no clue about weapons, but she knows how to cast a mighty fireball or a devastating thunderstorm. In fact, she can become quite excellent with Fire and Air. But basically she is familiar with all schools of magic. The Freemage uses artifacts in order to channel the magic forces and enhance her magic dimensions.

She shouldn't get involved too much in melee fights; else her end might come soon.