Might & Magic X: Legacy Character Classes and Races, Part One

There's a new blog post on the Might & Magic X: Legacy website that kicks off a series of articles specifically designed to share some details about the RPG's character classes and races, as well as the "default party" that we'll have the option to go through the game with. A taste:
Altogether, if you decide to create new characters instead of using the default ones, you have the following options:

- Choose the gender of the character
- Choose the class of the character
- Choose the default name of the character to a name of your choice
- Choose the portrait of the character
- Choose the voice of the character
- Modify the attributes, health and mana points
- Select two additional start skills for the character in addition to the default start skills

The class of a character gives you different skill options. Also, each class has a dedicated paragon class. In general, you can unlock the paragon class by finishing an epic quest chain, which will give you access to the Grand Master tiers and improve the character even more.

When you start playing the game, each of the characters you created will have certain default skills on level 1, including the two additional skills chosen by you. When your character levels up, you can choose whether you want to improve the already existing skills (and which ones), or if you want your character to learn and improve other skills. By visiting trainers, your characters will even be able to learn expert, master and grandmaster skills. You will get to know more about trainers and skills in another posting that's currently in the pipeline. :)