Arcania: The Complete Tale Reviews

Black Forest Games' consolized bundle pack, Arcania: The Complete Tale, hasn't been received all that well since its release early last month, but I'll let this smattering of reviews tell you why.

ZTGD gives it a 2.5/10:
ArcaniA The Complete Tale stands as one of the worst games I have ever played to completion in my nearly twenty years of gaming. It's an example of how a terrible porting job can serve to do nothing but damage your intellectual property. A clear case in which losses should have been cut and accepted but instead we have this tragedy of a game, unfit for even the most hardcore action RPG fan.

That Videogame Blog gives it a 5/10:
I was hoping Arcania might be one of those cult classic-diamond-in-the-rough type of games.  It's not.  Even with the additional DLC (The Fall of Setarrif) the story it tells never manages to be even close to interesting.  Its steady influx of fetch quests doesn't help to lift it out of its mediocricity.  Skip it.

The Digital Fix doesn't score it:
A decade ago Arcania would be a pretty decent RPG. Time has not been friendly to this game and repackaging something that was never a classic to begin with is a misguided move. The Fall of Setarrif expansion may not have been available beyond PC but that's not really justification for a full retail release for a game so lacking in polish or even an original idea. To its credit, Arcania has plenty to do and it's not the worst looking game of this generation but neither does it even compare to the heights of the RPG genre a class of games that has seen all manner of new ideas over this generation. Arcania would be mediocre if it were a PlayStation 3 launch title, let alone one of the last games released for the system. It's competent and lengthy but that's about all Arcania has going for it. Play through every other RPG available and only then consider this game. Not because it's dire but because it does nothing new. Arcania scrapes the barrel of RPG clichés; only right that it stays at the bottom out of reach then.

Push Square gives it a 3/10:
Arcania: The Complete Tale tries hard to offer an enthralling adventure, but falls significantly short of the mark. The game is plagued by an array of graphical, sound, and gameplay glitches, serving up something of a technical mess. If you can see past the issues, there are some minor redeeming qualities here, but with better RPGs available, it's not really worth the effort.

PlayStation Universe gives it a 4.0/10:
So Arcania is just a combination of an uncompelling story line, a button mashing unskilled combat system and many repetitive quests all set in a world that gives the word dull a whole new meaning. Add in a bland atmosphere, mediocre sound and terrible voice acting, and you've got a game that should be avoided. Don't get me wrong, the game isn't unplayable and those with herculean willpower could complete it. The problem is it offers no fun or reward for those brave or sadistic enough to do so.

The Gamers' Temple gives it a 45%:
I could go deeper into all the stuff you may want from a game review, but it is best to just stop here. ArcaniA: The Complete Tale is not the game for you. You may get two games for the price of one, but if neither are very good, who cares? Everything you'll find in this package is a blender full of bizarre design decisions, half baked ideas and concepts and just an overall lack of focus. As much as I love this type of game, ArcaniA just isn't going to scratch my third-person RPG itch anytime soon. Try Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen instead. It is a game like this done right, even if it does have its own flaws. No matter what you decide, you're better off staying away from ArcaniA: The Complete Tale.

Daily Record gives it a 1/5:
With Arcania: The Complete Tale you also get the Add-On (Fall of Setarrif) but I would say this is really only for fans of the game. Overall a poorly completed game, lacking any kind of depth, excitement or challenge to keep your attention.

Gaming Bolt gives it a 5.5/10:
For the price, ArcaniA offers a great deal of content, especially with the inclusion of the Fall of Setariff add on. It's quantity over quality though; by a long way. There are plenty of other action RPGs out there that are more accessible, better presented and offer deeper gameplay than ArcaniA. I've been pretty brutal in my appraisal of ArcaniA: The Complete Tale and, whilst it certainly isn't the worst game out there, it's a flat and uninspired title that keeps feeling dated and out of sync with modern gaming; a sensation that remains regardless of how many hours you choose to invest.

3rd Strike gives it a 4.2/10:
Save other consumers and place this game behind other games when you spot this game in a store. ArcaniA: The complete tale is ugly, brings nothing new and suffers from a ton of bugs and glitches. The music, voices and the large variety of items and environments are still pretty decent, but that's about everything positive in this game.

The 405 gives it a 3/10:
Honestly speaking, this game isn't worth playing. I'm glad it exists though, as a quirky relic of the then-under-served PC RPG market. Now a console port, it's woefully, hilariously outclassed and devoid of merit other than the aforementioned bizarre nature of each and every quest and dialogue. Watch some clips on YouTube, rent it from Lovefilm for an hour's baffled enjoyment, and you won't be disappointed.

Gametactics gives it a 4/10:
Outside of those issues, there are horrible texture issues where the game will glitch out during most cut-scenes. Character's textures on their face and body seem to get re-rendered, or not rendered, after every camera shift happens. It's kind of unnerving. Throw in some bland voice acting and dialogue and you have a mediocre game brought even lower because a severe lack of QA or refined programming. I cannot recommend the game.

And Popbucket gives it a 5/10:
If your looking for an RPG to engage and enthrall you then I cannot recommend ArcaniA. If you just want to pass the time between your next big gaming purchase then this might be for you.