Arcania: The Complete Tale Released, Launch Trailer

While it doesn't yet look to be available on PC or Xbox 360 (promised for later in the summer), Nordic Games sent out a press release late yesterday announcing that a bundle pack containing both Arcania: Gothic IV and its Fall of Setarrif expansion pack has been released for the PlayStation 3. Introducing Arcania: The Complete Tale:

Onward to the press release, in case you need a few more dertails:
The compelling adventure RPG, ArcaniA The Complete Tale is out now for the PlayStation 3. For the first time players will be able to experience ArcaniA Gothic 4 together with Fall of the Setariff expansion together on one disk.

Players can now battle through the elements in a rich world that invites players to explore all of its innumerable attractions and details. Both the gameplay and the game world are affected by the weather which is accompanied by wonderfully atmospheric music and top-of-the line sound effects.

When ArcaniA is played back to back with the Fall of Setarrif it provides players with a seamless path from one adventure to the next. Through the add-on, players will face an ominous demonic force which devastates the Eastern lands of Argaan, heading towards the coastal city of Setarrif. Players will need to round-up their strongest allies to defeat King Rhobar III and his military forces.

ArcaniA The Complete Tale will be is out now for the PlayStation 3 and will be available later this Summer for Xbox 360 priced GBP 24.99.