Dead State Post-funding Update #29: Progress Report

There's a new Dead State post-funding update available on Kickstarter, offering a progress report on the development of the zombie turn-based RPG and teasing a "big announcement incoming". Guess we'll have to wait to find out exactly what it is:
-The shelter is at alpha completion that is, you can upgrade the rooms, heal characters, assign jobs, and manage resources. Groundwork for our daily summary screen, manufacturing, and event progression is being worked on at the moment.

-We've got multiple commercial and residential areas hooked up in game and many of our prop sets complete.

-As mentioned before, group combat is in and new attacks and status effects are being tested at the moment. Pathfinding and grappling are also being fine-tuned.

-Loot, containers, and loot distribution were given a first pass as they relate to general distribution in the game. We polished some of our shelter supply management mechanics and the way fresh food is stored and expires at the shelter.

Big announcement incoming probably a very exciting one for a large number of you. Expect to see a whole lot of new game shots and footage in the near future. Thanks for your patience and keep watching the forum and the Kickstarter page for new announcements.