Antharion Kickstarter Campaign Launched

The fine folks over at Orphic Software have kicked off an interesting-looking Kickstarter campaign today for Antharion, another "old school" RPG that'll mash together some of the best elements from "The Elder Scrolls, Baldur's Gate, and Ultima". Sound interesting? Have a look at the announcement video and consider pledging to the $15,000 goal:

You can't go wrong with a description like this, can you?
Antharion can best be described as a fusion of various elements from classic series like The Elder Scrolls, Baldur's Gate, and Ultima into a single player old-school RPG experience. We wanted to combine an immense open-ended living-breathing world where the player is free to go anywhere and do anything, with a deep tactical turn-based combat system, a rich skill set and character creation system, and the distinctive feel of old-school classic RPGs.


'¢ Open World: Go anywhere and do anything in Antharion's vast open-ended living-breathing hand crafted world.
'¢ Turn-Based: Antharion features a deeply satisfying tactical turn-based combat system beneath a sleek and intuitive interface.
'¢ Party-Based: Create and control a party of up to 4 characters. Choose each of their races (each race with it's own characteristics) and customize all attributes, skills and equipment.
'¢ Epic Story: Antharion features a dark and mysterious world of magical mystery and political intrigue.
'¢ Meaningful Decisions: Save the kingdom and become revered or destroy it and become reviled. In Antharion your actions matter and are reflected tangibly in the world around you.
'¢ Freedom: The world of Antharion is fully interactive: go inside of every room of every building, open every drawer and steal any item. Explore over 100 dungeons ...all at your leisure.
'¢ Magic: 3 schools featuring 45 unique spells.
'¢ No Level Scaling: Antharion does NOT scale loot or monsters.
'¢ Full Day/Night and Weather Cycle: Rain, snow, fog, thunder and lighting.
'¢ Smart AI: NPCs react intelligently to your behavior. Monsters have their own unique temperaments and combat strategies.