Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Previews

We have rounded up a couple of impressions pieces for Overhaul's Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, based on a build that was playable at PAX Prime. While the game obviously should feel familiar for most of our readers, there's still enough new content (and a whole new platform for which it is available) to make us cover such articles.

Co-Optimus has some brief impressions on the iPad version:
That said the game played really well on an iPad and it translated quite well to the touch controls provided. Party management was easy, executing actions was a simple as tapping a character, tapping an action and tapping a target. The interface itself obviously got a slight overhaul to accommodate the device and there were several things I had completely forgotten about until I saw them in game - AI templates being one of them.

Sadly we didn't get to spend any time with the PC version of the game, but hopefully that got the same treatment the iPad version did with interface changes and several other upgrades.

While MMORPG is more interested in summarizing what's new:
One of the biggest enhancements to Baldur's Gate is the replacement and improvement of the player voice sets. I'm sure most of us can well remember some of the annoying voices that shipped with the game back in '98 so anything new will be a welcome relief!

In addition, Overhaul Games brought in Sam Hulick to create new music for the additional quest areas and the multiplayer Black Pits. Hulick is best known for his work on the Mass Effect series with Bioware and has met with critical acclaim for his game scores.

Lastly, Overhaul contacted Jason Manly to work up new portrait packs. Manly is well-known for the portrait packs he created for Icewind Dale.