Neverwinter Developer Blog: Events

The latest developer blog on the Neverwinter website focuses on the various types of events Cryptic is preparing to spice up the core gameplay of the MMO title set in the Forgotten Realms. Here's on the instanced type:
Instanced Events

Instanced Events are queued, instanced content which are only available for a short amount of time. Players can sign up for these events from anywhere within the zone the events are in, and will be teamed up with a group of 4 other players to attempt to conquer the challenge set before them. You may find yourself fighting off hordes of orcs attempting to claim control of a special location in the zone, in a (horde mode) type event. Or, you may find yourself storming the stronghold of a bandit lord. Regardless of what challenge you face, it's a short break from (the usual) questing in MMOs, and when you're done, you'll earn some great loot, and then travel right back to where you were when you entered the event.