Quest For Infamy Kickstarter Project Post-funding Updates

Since the successful conclusion of Quest For Infamy's Kickstarter campaign, a few public post-funding updates have been published for the adventure/RPG (you can find them here and here). The updates focus on the post-funding developments with the title, inform late comers on how they can still support the project financially, and also offer a few sketches.

Here's a snippet from the latest:
James M is back in the composers chair, bringing together lots of scents and subtle sounds to create the soundtrack to Infamy. He's a lot of fun to work with - and we're looking forward to getting together in person later this year, and collaborate on some very special songs for the game. We've got some special surprises cooked up for the soundtrack, so stay tuned for that.

Broomie has continued to be the genius that he is - he's been programming an application for us that will help streamline production, and I'm very proud of his work. You know, Broomie's been with us since the start - and he was a wee teen then. So you know, we're trying to work in a picture of the child Broomie, hidden somewhere in the game.

Chuck has been grinding stats in the engine - and working hard to make sure the framework this crazy game is laid on is stable. I know it will be, because I've never met someone who's as hard on himself as Chuck is. He's his own biggest critic, and is always looking to improve the way he produces things.

Jen recently traveled abroad, and took a bunch of amazing reference photos for our game - you should see these beautiful photographs. We use images like this to inspire the background art of the game. The forests of Lonaria are full of diverse and interesting flora and fauna.

So! Just trying to catch you all up... it's a crazy world out there! Keep it infamous, fans - and we'll make the Quest amazing! As always - visit to see more stuff, talk with fans, talk with us, and coming soon - the backers forums, full of more sweet, sweet goodies like the ones posted below. We've got blogs and diary entries from the team members, video updates, sketches and production ideas, conversations about the game design - interactive "ask me anything" threads. Also, if you're still interested in getting a big box or maybe something else, you can upgrade your pledge via PayPal. Details and links on the site.