Quest For Infamy Kickstarter Ends at $63,281

Infamous Quests' adventure/RPG Quest For Infamy has been successfully funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $63,281 - nearly $40,000 more than the team needed to bring the game to the finish line. And that's led to designer Steven Alexander thanking everyone who donated while also pointing out that Paypal donations are still being accepted:
I know we're just a small team of independent developers; our project has a smaller budget than some of the other projects out there. But I guarantee you that no other project, no other team and no other game has more heart than we do. Every member of Team Infamy bleeds for this game. We're going off now, to finish "The Greatest Game Never Made!" and make it the greatest game ever made. But we could not have done it without you. I can't write enough words to express what my heart feels about all of this. I can just say that the ultimate thanks I can give you - that the team can give you - is to make you a great adventure game.

Please, visit us at and check out the forums. You can contact us there - and watch there for game news. Come and just hang out and chat with everyone. Whatever you like.

If you know people that wanted to donate, but couldn't at the time - our PayPal link will remain open for a while and more information about that will be available on our site.
Sound interesting? Check out the playable demo.