The Secret World Sales "Below Expectations", Over 200,000 Copies Sold So Far

There are a few interesting details for The Secret World's players in Funcom's second quarter financial report for 2012, as the company pins down the number of copies sold at "over 200,00", below expectations by Funcom's own admission. The company's new projection for the total sales for the title in the 12 months after launch have also been revised, and in quite a negative way, since now Funcom is expecting the title to sell less than half of their original "Conan-like" scenario.

Culprits for the low performance of the conspiracy-laden MMO are apparently the "mixed" reviews and the announcement of the release dates of Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria close to The Secret World's launch, while Funcom notes that the reaction from the player base has been strong, citing the Metacritic user score as proof of that.

Thanks TSW Society.