Greg Zeschuk Clarifies His New Role at BioWare, Not Leaving the Company

In a mail to Gamasutra BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk clarified on the recent rumors of his departure from the development studio he helped found, by explaining that he has indeed left BioWare Austin but that his role was meant to be finite since the very beginning and that now he'll oversee a broader variety of titles at the BioWare label at large.

In short, it doesn't look like the doctors are leaving their baby anytime soon:
"With regard to BioWare Austin, I handed off the leadership of the studio to Matthew Bromberg quite some time ago (back in May). Ray [Muzyka, BioWare co-founder] and I picked Matthew to take over and he's been doing a great job with the studio.

"My time in Austin was always planned to have a finite endpoint (my family was still living in Edmonton throughout my time in Austin) and now that I've handed the baton to Matt, I will be able to spend more time on a wider range of BioWare games rather than focusing on just one as I did with SWTOR."